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Web of trust allows false reports to be made. I tried contacting their support options and that only creates more problems.

Users make personal decisions about wheather to like your website or not. If they do not, then you get false lies and malicous statements. Similar users need to rate at cnet and firefox/chrome add-ons to help create change.

The same users and problems are reported over and over. If there are any rebuttals made then it is our fault for making these claims and then they point back to their website to show how we have a bad rating.

There is a facebook page as well:

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #658702

Watch out for this website. Their name says Web of Trust but it is nothing of the sort.

They either willingly turn a blind eye to the abuse their moderators can unlesh on business to ruin their reputation, or they are completely incompotent. Either way stay away from it!

Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland #650578

WOT reputation ratings are users' subjective opinions and experience about websites' trustworthiness. We believe that combining a large amount of opinions/experiences with information we get from our trusted sources (blacklists, etc.) gives us the most accurate information about a website's trustworthiness.

When someone first hears about the concept behind WOT, their first objection is that someone could easily spam the system with tons of ratings and rate down their competitors or otherwise manipulate reputations, but that's not true. We designed the reputation system to be as fair as possible and very resistant to manipulation.

If someone, especially site owner, has a question can contact WOT Support and get answers and details about how WOT works.

to MyWOT #1378386

WOT support that never answers. Your forum mods are downscoring legit businesses.

Ho estly, I am happy you are going down especially after you sold your user’s personal details to 3rd parties. How can you call yourself WOTrust???

Also your mods demand businesses not to use privare registration while in under a private registration.

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